What Is A Kidney Doctor Called

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  • What Is is the eighth album by guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen.
  • prize indemnity?   In everyday terms, Prize Indemnity is prize coverage without the prize risk. It’s that simple.
  • Is simply the glossary of terms and acronyms, you can find them below in alphabetic order. Fundamental concepts and acronyms may also have an associated Blog post, if that is the case the acronym or term will be hyper-linked to the respective post.


  • As distinct from the Western medical concept of Kidneys, this concept from Traditional Chinese Medicine is more a way of describing a set of interrelated parts than an anatomical organ. (See Zang Fu theory)
  • Each of a pair of organs in the abdominal cavity of mammals, birds, and reptiles, excreting urine
  • either of two bean-shaped excretory organs that filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them and water in urine; “urine passes out of the kidney through ureters to the bladder”
  • The kidneys are paired organs with several functions. They are seen in many types of animals, including vertebrates and some invertebrates.
  • Temperament, nature, or kind
  • The kidney of a sheep, ox, or pig as food


  • sophisticate: alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive; “Sophisticate rose water with geraniol”
  • A person who gives advice or makes improvements
  • A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician
  • A qualified dentist or veterinary surgeon
  • a licensed medical practitioner; “I felt so bad I went to see my doctor”
  • give medical treatment to


  • Another term for “exercised” when the option is a call. The writer of a call must deliver the indicated underlying commodity when the option is exercised or called.
  • Cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention
  • Shout out or chant (the steps and figures) to people performing a square dance or country dance
  • To be chosen of God for a particular purpose. “Paul, called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God” (1 Cor. 1:1).
  • Cry out (a word or words)
  • The Fifty State Initiative, often referred to as simply The Initiative, is a fictional governmental plan that appears in the Marvel Comics universe. Its purpose is to provide a superhero team in every state of the United States after the conclusion of Civil War.

what is a kidney doctor called

I Got A New Stick Deodorant Today… 9-21-11

I Got A New Stick Deodorant Today... 9-21-11
The instructions said: Remove cap and push up bottom.
I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells lovely!

I wish I had the time to be on Flickr!!! I so miss being here!!! I miss hearing from everyone and what is going on with your lives. Ours is just nuts!! Lani picked a perfect name for me…Cashew!!!

John has been home a week today. He has to go for infusions of 2 antibiotics every day, 7 days a week, until October 20th!! That means a 50 mile round trip to and from the clinic, plus a 2 1/2 hour wait while the infusion is being done, but one of those days each week he has to have blood work done to make sure the antibiotics aren’t doing damage to the kidneys. That is an extra hour that day because they take blood before the infusion and then an hour after.

During this week, he has had to go to 2 of his doctors, try to get home health straightened out (boy did we get a doozy with this one!!! Lord are we dropping them like a bomb!!!) she has called doctors we don’t have, calls and says she will be here at 4:00 PM and shows up at 7:30 PM, calls when I told her we were having company and NOT to come, wanting to know if I was giving John his meds correctly…after giving them to him for 5 days all ready!! Oh yeah, it’s been a riot!!!

Then he had more blood taken, will be going to wound care, but they only do that in the mornings and that is when he has his infusions…I’ve been doing the wound care all along since and before and I was told what an excellent job I was doing, so looks like Nurse Kathy will continue.

The Home Health Nurse was suppopsed to do some blood work for John’s sugar testing and she couldn’t do it without an order that she has had all a long, so we had to go to another doctor to get that straightened out. We will continue there, but his Coumadin Levels were way out of whack (blood thinner levels for those that don’t know what Coumadin is) and now is on a much higher dose.

Then there are the pills!! You don’t even want to start me on them!!! Right now John is on 20 pills (different ones) a day, some twice a day, plus 2 different ones if needed and his 2 antibiotics he gets through the infusion!!! "I" have to keep them straight, put them in his little pill holder for a week and pray they don’t change the dose during the week so I don’t have to try and hunt one of those babies out of their little containers!!! LOL
Paying for them…lets just say…the pills will be "his" meals!!! "I" will lose a lot of weight!!!!! Thankfully while our daughter was here for a visit last weekend, she bought us a small chest freezer and filled it with food!! Bless Her Heart!!! She loves her Daddy!!!! It’s all Heart Healthy Food…GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! That means I have to eat it tooooooooooo!!!!! LOL LOL LOL She loves me too, she bought me my chocolate to save me from a breakdown!!! Love her infinity!!! Once again I forgot, "almost forgot" to Thank Our Son-in-Law also, since he is a-fixed to our daughter!!! I just keep thinking you must know him if you know our daughter and most of you don’t know our daughter either!
Bawahahahahahahahaha, the breakdown is close…need some chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be back again when ever I possibly can be…thinner and maybe bald from pulling the hair out!!!!!
Love and Miss You All!!!!

Intensive Care

Intensive Care
Intensive Care

A birth, not her first, but there is something very different this time. So many doctors in the room over by the newborn baby, only one finishing with the mother. The father, over by the baby, with a terrible look on his face.

The mother is taken to her room. So tired from the long ordeal and drugs, yet confused as to why the baby is not in the room with her, as is the usual custom now.

She is alone, as if everyone has forgotten about her. She calls the nurse to see what is happening and is told that they do not have any information nor do they know where her husband is.

And then the doctor comes in, grim, to tell her two babies had died in intensive care so things were a bit hectic at the moment. He also told her that her baby was also sick and in intensive care. That was where her husband was, with the then unnamed baby. They would try to get information to her soon, but with the other deaths, it was difficult right now.

The mother cried, only heard the word kidney. The doctor gave her a shot and put her to sleep. ©Teag Mcgillivary